Welcome to Pali Village Books

When was the last time you read something that truly helped transform your life? Here at Pali Village, we want to bring true value and exquisite insight to readers. Not simply information that’s been rehashed from one author to the next. Not just ramblings of a woman who just so happened to lose weight with green coffee extract or garcinia cambogia, fight cancer or overcome something with no real proof or insight as to how they accomplished it.

Yes, it’s inspiring to read those types of stories and reviews. But how does it really help you? How can you take something away from the book that you can put into action? You can’t. Well, you can walk away with a little more hope than before, which yes… can be helpful. But what we want is to publish those authors who truly have something groundbreaking to share. Or proof that proves naysayers wrong about something.

Health and well being has to be a priority in life. If it is, then most everything else will fall into place. If it’s not, then it will only lead to trouble and heart ache. Being unhealthy, in mind or body, doesn’t just affect that individual. It’s something that affects everyone around them. It’s something that affects their family, their neighbors, their friends and the people they work with.

Not only that, but it also affects every single person in this country almost. How? Simple. The costs of healthcare, transportation for emergency medical treatments, etc. The cost can trickle down extensively into the pockets of everyone. We won’t dwell too much on this aspect, as that’s almost getting political and that’s not what we’re about. But we do think that everyone should be aware and have some sort of understanding about how it affects the lives of every one in this great nation. Also just how garcinia cambogia extract may be able to help.

Who Can Be Published?

We don’t care if you’re a 17 year old who has struggled to pass creative writing in your high school class. If you can write clearly, engaging and have something worth sharing then go for it. Get in touch. On the other hand, you could be a stay at home mom who has witnessed your little one overcome severe ADHD thanks to… whatever it is that helped. You could be an established author in the medical history with knowledge of studies on something that hasn’t been revealed or has not received the attention that it deserves. As you can see, we aren’t biased. We want real stories. Real information. Valuable stuff that will help readers better their life in some way.

We will help you get your story to the masses by not just publishing your book, but also helping you establish yourself as an author. This can be done through our social media tutoring or sponsorship or even setting you up with your own website and marketing materials. We truly believe in our mission and if we don’t help you succeed then we don’t succeed. Don’t be fooled into thinking that big publishers or self-publishing is the only way to go these days.